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Still alive!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth lol. I haven't been online much the last few weeks in a desperate attempt to remain unspoiled for the Supernatural season finale. I'm determined not to know anything and so far so good. 
I have...acquired the episode - I'm just working up the courage to watch it. I'm frightened about what'll happen, and I don't want the season to be over *stamps foot* I'm also waiting for a time when I know my dad won't start shouting on me half way through the episode.

Enough rambling, see yous on the other side (eek!). I'll hopefully get caught up with everyone later tonight depending on how the revisions going - I've got an exam tomorrow afternoon =(.
Hope everyone's OK!

First of all, hello to my new friends: kelzies, fresleyforever and winninghearts.

I just realised that never actually did any kind of review thing about Jus in Bello (fogive me, I've been very busy), so today it gets a one word review: AWESOME. =D

SPN 3x11

I thought I better write down some thoughts about 3x11, because I'm just about to watch 3x12 =D and I'm superstitious about this kind of stuff and I'd rather do it before I watch the next episode. I'll be brief because I'm so excited about 3x12 that I could wet myself (but I won't).

So yeah, good job to everyone involved. These last few episodes have gone right up to the top of the list with my favourites of the entire series. =D ♥

SPN 3x08, 3x09, 3x10

I haven't said anything about any SPN episodes in a while so I'll be quick about 3x08 and 3x09 then get onto 3x10 lol.

SPN Friday Five

SPN Friday Five

OK, so it's not Friday anymore. I don't care =p.

I think too much, I think =D.

Strictly Come Dancing LIVE!


So for Christmas my sister bought tickets for her, me and my mum to go to Glasgow to see Strictly Come Dancing Live on tour on the 20th January. Naturally, there was quite alot of screaming and jumping up and down from me on Christmas Day =D, and I've promised Dani a full rundown so here we go...


So there we go, the complete run down of my mini-trip. My first time in a proper big city – Belfast seems pretty small compared to Glasgow. And I have a new found love of travelling on trains, it’s so relaxing.


There’s going to be another Strictly tour next year, so here’s to doing it all over again!

Friday Five!

Supernatural 3x06 Red Sky at Morning

Hmm...not my favourite episode this season. That's not to say that it wasn't a good episode, just as not as good as the others.  

Y'know, after writing this, I think I actually liked the episode a lot better than I initally thought. Now that I'm giving Bela another chance, I've relaised that my earlier issues were with her and now that I don't have those issues (for now at least), I think I could maybe rank the episode with The Magnificent Seven. It's  no The Kids Are Alright or Bad Day at Black Rock lol, but that's OK. 

So final decision: another excellent episode =D.

A plea for my sanity

For the last few days I have been thinking about something, something that may well have been a dream (that happens to me quite alot). Does anyone remember an episode of Supernatural where Dean points at the person he is talking to then points down towards their crotch? It sounds random I know, but I know I have seen it somewhere and it's really, really bugging me. I'm also pretty sure I saw someone with an icon of it...but I might have dreamt that too.

Anyone who can help is loved forever =D