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Friday Five!

 1. When asked about angels (or 'good' supernatural entities), Kripke said he and his writers believe God works "through a very human, sweaty, outgunned and overwhelmed group of hunters. For us, these are the angels ... the forces of good work through humans who are flawed and imperfect and trying to make the right decisions." What do you think about that? Is it just an excuse for not having enough money in the budget to add CGI angels into the show? It is deep and insightful? Or do you think something else completely?
I think it's a pretty cool take on the whole "angels" idea, and it's probably a good way of approaching it that won't offend any of the religious people (myself included) watching the show. The man's a genius. I definitely don't think it's an excuse for a low budget. And in an odd kind of way, it sort of makes you feel like maybe the world's not a lost cause after all.

2. Although the Yellow-Eyed Demon is dead, how much do you think his past actions will affect events that take place in season 3?
Um, yeah. Everything he's ever done is going to affect the events in season 3 in some way - if it hadn't been for him, there would have been no need for Dean to make his deal (mind you, if it hadn't been for him there would have been no Dean to make the deal because he would have died in IMTOD) and Sam wouldn't be under threat from all the psycho demons who've got it in for the "boy king". I think Ruby might be involved with YED - he seemed pretty smart, so I think he had a back up plan in case Sam or Dean did  manage to kill him, and maybe Ruby's it.

3. Why do you think Sam has not revealed what he found out about Mary's past (she knew the Yellow-Eyed Demon) to Dean?
I think initially (in AHBL Part 2) he was too tied up in stopping Jake and he didn't want Dean to be any more distracted than he already was. And he didn't have a clue what it meant, or if it was even true (I'm sure fake flashbacks were not above YED). Which is probably the reason he still didn't tell Dean, when he found out about the deal. I figured Sam knows what kind of a pedestal Dean has Mary on, and he doesn't want to ruin his memories of her until he absolutely has to. That, and I think as much as Sam wants to believe that Dean will get out of the deal, he's pretty realistic and knows that there's a chance he won't, and putting doubt in his mind about his mother would ruin could essentially be his last year.

4. Inspired by the upcoming winter holiday season: What type of holiday or yearly event, if any, would you like to see featured as a sidestory (to the main plot) in a future episode of Supernatural?
Specifically, I want to see Dean's 30th birthday, which if my calculations are right, would be in season 4? Which of course means we'd need another season and for Dean to live =D. I think Dean would be pretty uptight about being "old" as Lucy said in Fresh Blood and I'd love to see how he handles it. And how much Sam teases him.

5. Last we saw Agent Henricksen, he was very determined to capture Sam and Dean. Are you interested to see the character/story arc return, or would you prefer all episodes to focus on demons, Dean's Deadly Deal, Sam's Boy King status, etc.?
I like the FBI story. It kind of makes it all seem more...real, I guess. I wouldn't want too many episodes focusing on Henricksen because I'd prefer a few more urban legend type cases from season 1 - I have no problem with hunting down the demons that escaped from the gate though. That's what this season's meant to be all about - the war. Realistically though, the FBI arc makes it more difficult with regards to plotholes so it is going to have to end at some point. Henricksen seems the most driven to get Sam and Dean locked up, so I think without him, they'd be a bit freer. Off the top of my head, maybe Henricksen could track Sam and Dean down during one of their cases, but somehow the "murder" of whatever they kill, gets pinned on him. (Crap I know, but it was the first thing came into my head.) I wouldn't want him to have a sudden revelation that they're actually doing the world a favour and become their new best friend. Just doesn't appeal to me.