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SPN Friday Five

Week 63

1.) What do you think about Ruby now that we know her history? Do you like her more, less, or the same?Any other thoughts?
I already liked her, but I like her even more now - mostly because I just don't know whether to trust her or not and that gives me things to think about. I don't think I do trust her but even then there's a little doubt...I'm only 98% sure she's lying out of her ass.

2.) Out of all the demons we've met, Ruby is the only one who seems to remember once being human. Why do you think she's been the one exception? What makes her different?
Like I said above, I think she's lying. I'm not entirely sure she does remember being human - if all demons know that they were human once but just don't remember what it's like (I don't know if that's true or not) then it's possible that that's just another lie. On the other hand, if she really does remember then I think it's because she's so evil and power-hungry that she thought that refusing to allow her humanity to be taken away would give her an edge over the other demons, something that would make her different. I really have no idea on this one, I'm just making it up lol...I don't believe her.

3.) Dean and Ruby seem to have a kind of understanding between one another. Even though Ruby's still a demon, Dean realizes her intentions might not be all bad/evil. The next time Dean and Sam come across Ruby, how do you think Dean will behave with Ruby while Sam is around? Will he be mean/rude with her? Will he still try to kill her? Or something else?
He won't try to kill her but I think he'll still be sarcastic, nasty etc. I don't think he's sure whether or not he believes her yet. He said how the demon thing is pretty hard to get past - I don't think he's past it yet by any means.

4.) The lead demon/witch is supposedly the one who placed the hex bag that caused Dean to 'cough up a lung' in Sam and Dean's motel room. However, later we see that the lead demon/witch wants to kill Sam as well. Why do you think she went after Dean's life first? Surely she knows Dean's soul is due in hell in a few months anyway. Did she go after Dean first randomly? Did she plan to get him out of the way first? Is Dean more important in the grand scheme of things than we realize? Or something else?
I've always thought Dean has more importance in the entire story/mytharc. I'm just not sure how. I don't think that the demon/witch expected Sam to leave Dean while he was coughing up a lung on the motel room floor, but thought that Sam would stay with Dean and try to save him but fail. With Dean gone, Sam would be easier to get at. How wrong she was =D lol.

5.) Ruby says she told Sam she could save Dean only so that Sam would listen to her, and now she needs Dean to help her get Sam 'ready' so that he'll be a good fighter in the coming demon war. However, earlier when Sam expressed that he's trying to be more like his brother, Dean looked distressed, like he wasn't keen on the idea. Knowing everything Ruby told him, how do you think Dean will react now to any of Sam's future attempts to be more like Dean? Will Dean react like he did in the motel room? Or will he encourage this change in Sam? Or something else?
          I don't think he'll necessarily encourage it, but maybe try to find some other way to help toughen Sam
         up a little on Dean's own terms or possibly show Sam that he doesn't need to change, that he's perfectly 
         capable of winning this war alone exactly as he is now.