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Call Me Swarley
2 November 1987
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Hey, I'm Clare! I'm 20 years old and I'm Irish =D. I'm currently a second year Business Information Technology (or BIT as we like to call it) student at Queen's University Belfast. I haven't really invested in the so-called "student experience" yet but I'm having fun and making friends all the same. And that's what it's all about, right?

I'm ginger and proud! And contrary to what Cartman from South Park might tell you, we do have souls.

I spend far too much time on the Internet, but who cares eh?

I've been playing guitar for just over 3 years now. I'm not in a band or anything, I just play for myself. And occasionally in a bar or cafe when my old guitar teacher invites me along.
I also do Irish dancing and have done since I was 3, so that's 17 years now! I don't dance at many competitions anymore and when I do it's just for fun. I mostly dance at exhibitions, displays, weddings and the like.

I'm a huge fan of the dancing-type TV shows like Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance etc. I much prefer them to the singing reality shows, just because I like to see the celebrities in SCD improve week on week and learning a new skill. And apart from that I would love to be on a show like that, or just for someone to teach me ballroom dancing.

My life is currently pretty much ruled by Supernatural which is all imagination55's fault since she was the one who actually told me it existed. So thanks for that Dani =D. I'm a bit of a Dean/Jensen girl although I do spend quite a lot of my time on the fence, unable to choose between Sam and Dean. At the minute, it's Dean but that's subject to change.

I love listening to/making music. And I have pretty...diverse taste in music as well. From pop to classic rock to punk to emo to country, I love it all.
So here's my favourite bands:
1. McFly - probably the first band I've loved since they first arrived on the scene. They can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes, especially since my username was semi-inspired by one of McFly's members.
2. Westlife - pure, cheesy boyband pop...but I love it. I've loved them since I was about 11!
3. AC/DC - Thanks to Supernatural I'm slowly getting into classic rock and I'm loving AC/DC.
4. Fall Out Boy
5. Justin Timberlake
6. Kelly Clarkson

My favourite TV shows are (in no order):
1. Supernatural - I love everything about the show. Except maybe Bela who I'm still reserving judgement on. I just can't decide if I like her or not. While we're talking about "the new girls", I love Ruby. I can't say I agree with the people who think Katie Cassidy's acting isn't up to scratch - she's not as good as Jensen and Jared but that's quite a high standard to live up to so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I've been pretty happy with her so far.
2. Neighbours - It's unrealistic, sometimes weird but everyone needs that in the lives for 35 minutes 5 days of the week. I've been watching since I was really little and I've grown up with the show so it's got a special place in my heart.
Joint 2. How I Met Your Mother - Absolute, pure genius. There aren't many shows can make me laugh so hard I cry but HIMYM has done it several times. And has become the bane of my mother's life because phrases like "Suit up!" and "Lawyered!" are now part of my everyday vocabulary. Also a big Barney/Robins shipper.
3. Family Guy - Stewie is by far my favourite character with all his witty one-liners. Absolute genius.
4. Grey's Anatomy - Grey's is probably the only show I've ever liked where I absolutely hate the lead character. I think Meredith is the weak link...but I guess without her it couldn't really be called Grey's, could it? I love the show, but I think after the disappointing Season 3 finale, it's got alot to prove to me.
5. Ugly Betty - Just like Neighbours, Ugly Betty provides me with the escapism I need in the week. And it's hilarious to boot.
6. The OC - Oh how I miss it. I need my Sethummer fix, but alas only reruns can save me now.
7. CSI - I spent years avoiding CSI, but just recently it's sucked me in and now I'm hooked!
8. Reaper - I've only seen the single episode that's aired in the UK so far, but it was absolutely hilarious and if it carries on like this, I'll love it before long.
9. How I Met Your Mother - One word: Legendary!
10. Bones - How have I not been watching this show before now? It's awesome. I'm not squeamish so corpses that are so decomposed only the bones are left is not a problem for me. I'll miss Zack though =( I spend a month watching 3 seasons worth of episodes to catch up and I lose my favourite character at the end of it!

I avoid spoilers about all my shows like the plague - so spoil me at your peril!

I love reading books. I'm not ashamed to say I like a bit of chick-lit but it's not all I read.
My favourite books/authors are:
1. Harry Potter/JK Rowling. I couldn't possibly pick a favourite book - I love them all. Although if you really pushed me, I'd probably say Prisoner of Azkaban or Deathly Hallows.
2. To Kill A Mockingbird/Harper Lee
3. Anything by Cecelia Ahern
4. The Shopaholic Series/Sophie Kinsella - never fails to make me laugh out loud.
5. Alphabet Weekends/Elizabeth Noble - Yes, it's a chick-lit and it's cheesy, but I genuinely think the story behind it all is good. And it's quite sweet =D.

I hate...
1. Shopping: I'd much rather do it online.
2. Onions - they're too crunchy and just..ew.
3. Getting up really early for uni
4. People crashing into me on my second driving lesson!!

I'm learning to drive at the moment...and have been since October 2006. I've got one failed test behind me and praying that the next one goes a lot better. My confidence was so knocked last time that a second failed test might just get the better of me!

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