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Strictly Come Dancing LIVE!


So for Christmas my sister bought tickets for her, me and my mum to go to Glasgow to see Strictly Come Dancing Live on tour on the 20th January. Naturally, there was quite alot of screaming and jumping up and down from me on Christmas Day =D, and I've promised Dani a full rundown so here we go...

6am: We left the house to get to Belfast to catch the boat to Stranraer. When we arrives (a little later than planned because we found out that the motorway was closed-when we got to the motorway *rolls eyes*) Mum started shouting at us to hurry up because we needed to check in as soon as possible. So I just carried my coat and scarf and gloves because I was worried she'd have some kind of fit if I tried to stop to put them on. There was quite a long walk to the terminal and halfway there, I realised that I didn't have my scarf anymore and I must have dropped it on the way. But Mum wouldn't let me go back :O! I was furious because it was a Christmas present from my sister's boyfriend so I refused to speak to Mum for a while other than to tell her that she'd bloody better buy me a new one when we get back because if she had let me stop to put the scarf on, I wouldn't have dropped it.

1.15pm: We finally arrived in Glasgow after getting a 2 and a half hour train from Stranraer. We knew that the hotel was on Sauchiehall Street (which is one of the 2 big shopping/restaurant streets in Glasgow, I think) but when we looked at the map, we realised that Sauchiehall Street was about 6 million miles long and we didn't know which end the hotel was on. OK, slight exaggeration, but it was really really long. So we just went to the nearest end and tried to work out where we needed to go from there. When we eventually got to Sauchiehall Street which involved trekking up a huge hill, we realised we were at the wrong end - there was a HMV that was number 152 or something, and the hotel was number 904 =|. 

4:00pm: It took us three hours almost to get to the hotel - the street was so long that we had to stop for lunch halfway along. Bearing in mind that we were dragging our cases along behind us! Thank God for suitcases with wheels and handles LOL. Thankfully, the hotel was lovely - although, we asked the receptionist for directions to the SECC where the show was and her accent was SO strong that we had to ask someone else later on, because we had no idea what she'd said. The only words I understood from her where Argyle Street and PC World lol.

5.45pm: The  new receptionist (whose accent was just as strong as the first but thankfully spoke a bit slower!) told us that with all the one way road systems around the hotel, it'd be quicker for us to walk to the SECC so that we did. 

6:30pm: STRICTLY! Our seats were in the second row but there were a few rows in front of us actually on the dancefloor. The theme tune started, I screamed and me and my sister started dancing along. We felt like total fools until we realised we weren't the only ones doing it LMAO. All the judges except Bruno (who was in the US filiming Dance X) were there, and Bruno sent a video message saying the he was sending 10s all the way from America lol. Kate Thornton was the host – I don’t mind Kate, she can be a little irritating sometimes but she’s OK. She danced with Len at the start à la Brucie and Tess – Len lifted her really high and we all screamed “She’s pregnant don’t do that!” I highly doubt he heard us.
First up was Darren Gough and Lilia Kopylova: The ballroom round was first and they did their foxtrot. It was pretty good except that Darren made a little mistake halfway through and everyone in the whole room went "Oooooooh" lol, which Len Goodman later commented on. I think they got 26 out of 30 - I think, but I can't remember for sure. In the latin round they did a paso doble, which was much much better. The ladies in front us seemed to be huge Gough fans because they screamed pretty much every time he moved.
Next was Denise Lewis and Matthew Cutler: In the ballroom round they did a quickstep and I was pleasantly surprised. When Denise was dancing in the actual series, I thought she was really flatfooted and just looked awkward. But I thought her quickstep was really good - she wasn't anywhere near as flatfooted as before...if you can stop being flatfooted lol. Len loved it - he told her "moved round the floor quicker than water coming out of a duck's arse". Much love for Len =D. She got 26 for her quickstep (I can only really remember the ballroom scores lol). In the latin round, she did a rumba. I really didn't like her rumba, it looked a little bit like she wasn't sure what was coming next and her flatfootedness seemed a little more obvious. People don't usually agree with me about Strictly lol, but my sister did this time and we both thought she was a bit overmarked for it - although I can't remember exactly what score she got.
Louisa Lytton and Vincent Simone: These two are such a good match. They did an Argentine tango for the ballroom round, which Lousia didn't actually get to do in the series because she was voted off the week before. I was really really impressed. I don't know much about what it's meant to look like (and it would be mean to judge her by Flavia's standards) but it looked good to me. The judges gave 26 again. Then in the latin round, they did their jive from the show which was was even better (if that's possible) than the first time round. I couldn't see anything wrong with it, I would have given it a 10 but I don't think the judges did. 
James Martin and Camilla Dallerup were next. They did a Waltz in the ballroom round and a Cha Cha Cha in the latin round. Both his dances were pretty much of the same standard as his dances during the series he took part in. And of course, his latin choice gave Craig the opportunity to say “Cha cha cha” in his incredibly posh accent lol. I can’t really remember what he got for his latin, but I know he got 27 for his waltz. I liked his waltz much better than his cha cha cha, which looked a little messy to me.
Christopher Parker and Nicole Cutler: When I saw that Chris was going to be dancing, I was suprised - I think it's fair to say he was awful on the series...but I was pleasantly surprised. He and Nicole did a tango in the ballroom round and apart from one or two little things that were just wrong lol, it actually wasn't that bad at all. But the judges only gave him 17 so I guess they didn't agree! In the latin round, they did a Paso doble which really wasn't good lol. It definitely wasn't as bad as it was in Series 1, but it wasn't good and he got 17 for that too. Craig gave him a look of what can only be described as pure disgust and the whole place was in hysterics. I think he was speechless! The only word he seemed to be able to manage to get out was "Terrible".
Next was Letitia Dean and Darren Bennett: These were one of the two couples I badly wanted to see, because I love both Letitia and Darren - if I was going to dance on Strictly I would demand to have him as my partner because he never seems to shout at his partners. They did their foxtrot in the ballroom round and it was just beautiful - even better than they did it during the series so the judges gave them 30 out of 30! For some reason unknown to me, they decided to their jive in the latin round. Like the judges said, the jive just doesn't suit Letitia. But hats off to her for trying because she really did put her absolute all into her and you could really tell she was trying very hard. I think she might have got something like 26 for it.

Matt Di Angelo and Flavia Cacace were next – the other couple I had been waiting for. First up, they did their American Smooth, which I loved as much as first time round. The choreography was class, Flavia’s like a female Darren with this awesome stuff! If I remember rightly all the judges liked it, but not enough to give it 30 but they did get 27 which is pretty good. Much to mine and my sister’s delight, they did their salsa in the latin round, complete with oddly hot shimmies. I took a video of it (which I will hopefully get around to uploading tomorrow) but I screamed when he did the shimmy – I’m not sure why, I think it was just instinct lol. They got 30 for their salsa, and deservedly so. Matt seemed a little bewildered and confused as to why everyone loves his shimmying so much. I can’t explain it myself but I love it lol.

Finally, Zoe Ball and Ian Waite. In the ballroom round, they did their tango. I don’t remember much of Zoe from the actual series but I do remember that she was pretty good. Her tango was awesome, actually kind of hard to take your eyes off her while she was dancing it which I guess is a good thing. She got 30 for her tango. In the latin round, they did their salsa – I wasn’t as impressed with it as I was with the tango but I think her tango was a hard act to follow. They got 27 for it – it was a bit of a mixed bag from the judges, Craig gave 8, Arlene gave 9 and Len gave 10!

There were a few professional dances and group dances. After the interval between the ballroom and latin rounds, 5 chandeliers came down from the ceiling and sat on the floor, then all the celebrities and their partners did a group Viennese waltz around them while the chandeliers moved back up the ceiling. It looked really pretty – pretty genius idea! Later, while the audience votes were being added to the judges’, Ola and James Jordan danced – it looked like a bit of a mixture of dances, maybe rumba and cha cha cha, the music kept changing so I would assume it was a bit of a compilation of dances lol. Also, all the celebrities and their partners did the Dirty Dancing tribute dance! That was really good, maybe even better than the one from the series. Since Kenny “Muscles” Logan wasn’t there, Lilia and Darren did the infamous lift this time.

Then time for the results! Matt and Flavia, and Zoe and Ian were at the top of the leaderboard when the judges’ and audience’s votes were combined. Shockingly, I was as nervous waiting for this result as I was waiting to see who was voted out during the series! Justice as finally done and Matt lifted the Strictly Come Dancing glitterball! We didn’t vote, mostly because my phone was in my pocket and we were packed in like sardines so I couldn’t move enough to get my hand into my pocket.


At the very end when all the dancers were heading back to stand on the stairs and wave, some crazy lady in the front row (who I can only assume was drunk), stepped over the speakers and got onto the dancefloor and started prancing around like a total loon! It took security a worryingly long time to realise she was on the dancefloor lol, she managed to make it the judges’ table! Len came down the steps and started dancing with her and led her back to her seat by which time security were close enough to force her back into her seat when she decided she wanted to dance some more lol. She was hilarious!


9.15pm: We walked back to the hotel from the SECC – with the amount of walking I had done that day (and the trauma of losing my scarf *sniff*) I’m surprised me legs didn’t fall off or go on strike. We stopped at a chippie on the way because we hadn’t eaten since lunch time. Scottish food is weird – well what I mean is, they make things very differently to how we do. I had a gravy chip, now here the gravy on a gravy chip is dead thick but the gravy I had that night looked like brown water. It didn’t taste too bad though. My mum and Jo ordered a hamburger each and a chip with ketchup on it. What they didn’t realise was that the burgers were battered and there were no baps/buns or whatever everyone else calls them, on them! And the ketchup was orange LMAO. Orange! It was hilarious…maybe you had to be there lol. On the bright side though, we got some onion rings and they were the nicest onions rings I have ever had – and I don’t even like onions, I hate them. But those onion rings were tasty.



9:30am: We left the hotel at 9.30 the next morning and got a black taxi to the train station to catch our train back to Stranraer for the boat. I had never been in one of those London-style black taxis before so I had a huge grin on my face the whole way to the station. Glasgow Central Station is the biggest rip-off I have ever seen – we were leaving our luggage in the left luggage place for an hour so we could go shopping and it cost £6 per item! And then mum joked that she might not have the money to pay for them when we came back and the eejit behind the counter said “No money, no bags”. Way to ruin a joke dude. We just made it back to the station on time for the train and then realised that although the screen was saying that the train for Stranraer was leaving from Platform 11, the screen at that platform said that the train was going to Paisley Canal *rolls eyes*. So mum had to go and ask the driver where the hell the train was actually going, luckily it was the Stranraer train.

5.15pm: We finally arrived back in Belfast – I think by this time we were getting a bit sick of being with each other every second of the day because there was a lot of arguing going on lol. We don’t usually spend quite that much time together. I was praying the whole way back to the car that by some miracle my scarf might be lying by the side of the road or something, but sadly no. BUT! As we got closer to the car, my sister spotted something lying beside that car – it was my scarf! It was caught in the car door the whole time! After all those joking comments with mum because she wouldn’t let me go back and look for it (like “I’m freezing. Do you know what I could really have used right now….my scarf!), it was there the whole time. Mum and Jo allowed me a few minutes of jumping up and down screaming “My scarf!” (I really love that scarf).


So there we go, the complete run down of my mini-trip. My first time in a proper big city – Belfast seems pretty small compared to Glasgow. And I have a new found love of travelling on trains, it’s so relaxing.


There’s going to be another Strictly tour next year, so here’s to doing it all over again!


Jan. 22nd, 2008 09:21 pm (UTC)
Nope, I just remembered it all lol. I have an awesome memory =D. And now I'll never forget any of it 'cos it's all written down.

I wasn't that keen on Alesha so I was kinda glad she wasn't there, I was more disappointed that Gethin wasn't there! Although for his own safety, he should be glad he couldn't take part because my mum and I would most likely have chased him around the dancefloor.

Are they not doing Cardiff? That's a bit random - I can understand a little bit why they didn't come to Belfast but it's not like Cardiff's difficult to get to. Unless dates didn't match up or something. Fingers crossed they'll come to Belfast and Cardiff next year!