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SPN Friday Five

OK, so it's not Friday anymore. I don't care =p.

1.) January 24th was Dean Winchester's birthday! How do you think Sam and Dean celebrated (or didn't) Dean's last (unless Sam saves him) birthday?
I don't think they did celebrate it. I think that Dean would think that given how Sam felt about celebrating Dean's (potentially) last Christmas, he would figure that Sam would be feeling the same about Dean's (potentially) last birthday. And since Sam gave in and let Dean have Christmas, I think Dean would give Sam this one and just let it pass. Although I am quite sure he went out to a bar without Sam and celebrated alone in his own special way =D.

2.) Why do you think John told Dean about the world of the supernatural when Dean was just a kid, but didn't bother to tell Sam?
I don't think it's so much that he didn't bother to tell him, a little more that he was afraid to tell him, depending on when John found out that Sam was "special". If he knew fairly early on, I think that he possibly didn't tell Sam for fear that just knowing that there was evil in the world might awaken something evil in Sam. That might sound a little irrational, but I'd say John was pretty irrational. I'd say he told Dean about the supernatural world so that he could protect Sam while he went out hunting - perhaps he was worried that the demon might come back for Sam at some point and he needed Dean to be ready.
If John wasn't aware about YED having plans for Sam, then I think the reason is probably that Dean saw and remembered what happened so his childhood was gone in an instant and John had little choice but to tell him. But Sam wouldn't remember anything from that night so there was an opportunity there to allow him a little normality.

3.) In "Bloody Mary", Sam's eyes bled because he kept his dreams about Jessica dying to himself. Dean's eyes bleed, too! Do you think the series has already revealed what Dean was guilty for? Or do you think we've yet to find out why Dean's eyes bled?
I think we've yet to find out - I hope so anyway, because I want it to be something huge! Sometimes I wonder if maybe the whole Shtriga incident might have been the reason but I think Kripke has possibly been asked about Dean's eyes bleeding since then and if it was the Shtriga I think he would've said.

4.) We already know Sam is very heavily involved with the mytharc (Yellow-Eyed Demon, Sam's powers/non-powers, "Boy King", etc.) of the show, but do you think Dean's Deadly Deal will finally get him directly involved in the mytharc? Or do you think Dean's Deadly Deal has nothing to do with the mytharc? Or something else?
I do think that Dean is directly involved somehow but I'm not sure how. I just feel like there is something we're not being told. As far as the deal goes, I don't think that the reason Dean was given such a sucky deal was more than just the fact that he was damn good hunter - I think there's some other, bigger reason that whoever's in charge wants his soul so badly. Possibly John got an even worse deal because he knew too much and YED couldn't risk him ruining his plans.

5.) In the season 2 finale, Sam was officially dead for a short while. We know from "In My Time of Dying" that the dead can hang around for a short while before completely passing on. Do you think Sam went through a similar experience while he was dead? If so, what kinds of experiences do you imagine he had? Or do you think he just automatically passed on without lingering like Dean in IMTOD? 
I think he moved on straight away. I've been thinking about this question for a little while and I think that possibly Sam went to hell. I don't know why that came into my head, but I had just been thinking that maybe all the dead psychic kids went to hell as part of the "having demon blood" thing, which might account for the possibility of the resurrected Sam not being 100% pure Sam.

I think too much, I think =D.