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SPN 3x11

I thought I better write down some thoughts about 3x11, because I'm just about to watch 3x12 =D and I'm superstitious about this kind of stuff and I'd rather do it before I watch the next episode. I'll be brief because I'm so excited about 3x12 that I could wet myself (but I won't).

OK, so Mystery Spot.  I had heard about the fact that Dean would be dying in this episode by accident a while ago, but I had totally forgotten so of course there was screaming abound when the Mystery Spot owner shot him. I loved how the camera kind of paused over every detail so that you could watch for it on the next "Tuesday", and I think they got the right balance of humour and angst. I think that's been one of SPN's weaknesses in the past - episodes seem to be either funny all the way through or angsty from beginning to end. But in this episode, while some of Dean's deaths were funny, and the more of them there were the funnier it became, they reminded you in the second half that it's not really a laughing matter and that this probably is going to happen. 
And I totally didn't see the Trickster coming (even though I realised now he was in the recap - I'm a bit slow) and I didn't expect Dean to die on the first Wednesday! Even when the dude from the cafe was pointing the gun at him I didn't believe he would shoot him!
Sammy without Dean was just...heartbreaking. I'm actually starting to think that Sam would be worse off without Dean than Dean would be without Sam. And I've always thought it would be the other way around until now. So please Kripke, for the sake of Sam, keep Dean alive! (Pwease!)

So yeah, good job to everyone involved. These last few episodes have gone right up to the top of the list with my favourites of the entire series. =D ♥