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Supernatural 3x05 Bedtime Stories

OK my review is late again - and to be honest, it's pretty crap. I loved the episode, but my review is pretty much a random squeefest with a few musings at the end. You have been warned lol!

Supernatural 3x04

I'm slightly more on time this week! Just my thoughts as I watched the episode last night - which is the reason why some of it probably doesn't make sense!

Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Finale

I cannot believe I just wasted an hour of my life on that. I'm so disappointed that I don't even know what to say!
Compared to last year's finale with Denny dying which was so much more dramatic in a really good way (I'm biased though - anything with JDM and I'm there), this one....was just utter crap.

So all in all, disappointing. I'll still watch next season when it starts here...but I won't be excited as I was about this one, and that's annoying because Grey's used to be really awesome. 
Apologies for wasting about 5/10min of your time with this totally pointless entry - I just needed to vent =D.

Supernatural 3x03

OK I know I'm way way late, but I've been busy. And I'm too set in my ways to just forget about doing a review for last week's lol. Briefer than usual since I'm getting ready to go to class but I wanted to do it before tonight's episode because I'm stupid superstitious.

I also realised this morning (when I was watching the penultimate episode of the last season of Grey's Anatomy - it's only just airing over here now) that I can't watch Grey's anymore without thinking of Supernatural and feeling guilty lol. Just as it was starting, I was thinking "When this was on in the US, AHBL Part 1 was just starting" and spend about 5 minutes thinking about Sam being kidnapped by YED lol. Supernatural's better anyway - Grey's is starting to get a bit silly.

OK now I need sleep lol. I have another 9am class tomorrow...so I'll be out again 7.20am in the morning. And then Take That concert tomorrow night! I can feel my inner teenie coming out already =D.

P.S. 18 days til my birthday! No more being a teenager *whimpers*

Supernatural 3x02 The Kids Are Alright

They friggin' are not alright! Creepy ass kids scared the HELL out of me!

Before I forget, can someone please tell me what pokey means? Is this an american thing? I did laugh at that line...purely for the look on Dean's face lol. But someone, please enlighten me!

And now that TKAA is over, I am officially 100% spoiler free - anything that happens from now on will be properly new information. Apart from episode titles which I've been trying to avoid but seem to run into EVERYWHERE by accident *rolls eyes* But I guess I can live with that, thank heavens for small mercies. LOL

So to sum up: The Kids Are Alright kicks The Magnificent Seven's ASS!

Supernatural 3x01

OK, so like the big saddo that I am, I stayed up til after 1am on Thursday night/Friday morning so that I could start downloading the first episode of season 3 as soon as some kind person made it available. As a result, I was of little or no use in my lecture the next day, but whatever it was worth it.

I saw the ratings over the weekend - I don't really know anything about the ratings system and what's good and what's bad so if anyone can tell me whether 2.97 million is good/bad/ok, much appreciated =D. It'll either put my mind at ease, or allow me to start mentally preparing myself for bad news (which I really really don't want to have to do).

Only 4 more days til 3x02! Woohoo!

Long time, no post!

I just noticed it's been 9 weeks since I posted so I thought it was time for an update!
So let's start with a music meme stolen from imagination55!

So just how psychic/clever am I...

OK so I did some predictions for HP on Friday night so now that I've finished the book (at 7.18pm on Sunday night lol), I thought it'd be a good idea just to see how right I was:

Potter Predictions!

 OK I'm here quickly, just to...document, so to speak lol, what I think is going to happen in Deathly Hallows - just for future reference.
So, I don't know how many people die, but she has said its a "bloodbath" - I think some/all of the following people will die:

So...this is goodbye to Harry Potter. I have had 7 lovely, exciting, infuriating years with him where I've finished every book thinking "My God, this woman is a genius" but also at the same time, forgetting that it's not real and that there's no such thing as magic, or Hogwarts or Dumbledore.
I almost don't want to read the book, 'cos then it really will be over. Forever. 
But I'll be up at 8am in the morning, waiting impatiently on the postlady bringing the goodies lol.

Farewell Harry - I shall miss you. *runs into the corner to cry like a baby*